Why You Shouldn’t Circumcise

Whether you are a parent to be or perhaps simply curious about what neonatal male circumcision entails, I hope this page serves as a resource to understand why you shouldn’t circumcise.

Brief History Of Circumcision In America

Aside from the Jewish community who celebrate a ceremony called “bris” – where boys get circumcised in front of an audience on the eight day after birth, only Americans routinely circumcise their newborn boys.

Now you may wonder if circumcision is mostly a religious thing, why do Americans do it?. To understand the why, first you should know how circumcision became normalized in America. The roots of the practice date back to the Victorian era, when doctors driven by the puritanism movement of the time, introduced circumcision (and other punishments) as a permanent solution to curb masturbation in boys – believed to be the cause of many several mental and physical illnesses. By the late 1800s circumcision suddenly became “preventive medicine”, and by the time of the cold war ended it was already institutionalized – when nearly all newborn boys would routinely be circumcised at hospitals whether parents were aware ot not.

The fate of circumcision changed in the 70s as legal parent consent was enforced and the practice became scrutinized. But in the 80s as the HIV pandemic arose, so new “benefits” were fabricated around it, and ever since proponents of the practice keep echoing nothing but pseudo medical facts to validate it.

According to CDC statistics, as of 2009 the rate of circumcision has decreased to 58% from a high 80% in 1979. It is interesting how the demand fluctuated the prior 3 decades with every change in the recommendation by the American Association of Pediatrics, whose most recent (and expired) being from 2012 does not recommend universal circumcision of newborn boys, but does not discourage it either, resting the “responsibility” solely on parents for any reasons they may have.

So What’s Wrong With Circumcision?

From a moral standpoint circumcision is wrong on many accounts, starting with the fact that is a forced and permant genital modification to a man to be who cannot consent for himself, second boys are exposed to unjustified trauma and pain within hours after being born, third it is a breach of fiduciary duty for physicians to perform an unnecessary surgery.

From an anatomical perspective, circumcision causes adverse effects immediately after surgery and throughout life.


[1] Male Circumcision Violates Physician’s Fiduciary Duty to the Child (Video)