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NHS (UK) – Sexual Health “How to Keep a Penis Clean”

Before anything, why is neonatal male circumcision being referred as forced? Because it is practice forced upon newborns (or infants) by their parents given that they can’t decide for themselves. While many consider the choice for circumcision as “personal”, there is nothing personal about a man to be who can’t decide for himself yet, and “consent by proxy” doesn’t change the fact his basic human rights of a bodily integrity are being violated.

And a forceful foreskin retraction is not only painful, but can lead to foreskin becoming lacerated and which will warrant circumcision.

Application of granulated sugar to osmotically extract fluid.

The mucouse membrane on the glans no longer exists after circumcision, and turns into keratin;


changing the glans appearance to a dry and coarse texture over time, along with changes in pigmentation – from its natural pink/purple tone to grey/dull and uneven tones. With the addition of the lack of foreskin (that provides natural lubrication), this results in constant aid of artificial lubrication for sex. In many circumcised men the glans also grow out of proportion to the penis.