(IV) Procedure & Risks

Circumcision often takes place the day after birth, when parents sign a consent form for the procedure. It is basically expected in America that newborns get circumcised before going home with parents for the first time. Newborns are basically welcomed to this world with a surgery, and will spend their first week of life (if not more) recovering from it, instead of bonding with parents; and that seems acceptable by most American standards.

IV.1 – Circumcision Is Disturbing

  • What They Don’t Tell You

    On average the surgery itself lasts about 15 minutes (without complications). To perform the procedure in newborns, they get restrained by their arms and legs while laying on their back to a baby-shaped board called circumstraint. After cleaning the surrounding areas to the penis, minimum anesthesia is applied to the penis (spray or cream), which doesn’t penetrate through all the layers of the foreskin. Babies are then “manually stimulated” to get an erection for optimal incisions. Then the foreskin that is fused by tissue to the glans is forcibly retracted to place the metal clamp that is used to cut and crush foreskin. And circumcision isn’t just a “snip” off of the tip of the penis. Not only the whole foreskin is removed during the procedure, but the frenulum (either partial or whole) and portions of skin on the shaft; since the incisions and the amount of removal are up to the surgeon’s discretion and eyeballed at best.

  • Recovery Process

    They claim newborns recover from surgery within 7 to 10 days. Following the procedure, the glans will be sore, appearing swollen and bruised, including the presence of a yellow discharge from the tip of the penis. During recovery baby boys will wear bandages or a plastic ring around the tip of the penis, which will fall on its own after a week or so as the wound heals. They recommend use of petroleum jelly on the sore areas to prevent from sticking to diapers, and changing bandages with every diaper change. And this neonatal ritual seems pretty acceptable by most parents in America since they keep carrying it on generation after generation.

IV.2 – The Trauma

Parents are misled to think that circumcision is a “safe” and rather “painless” procedure. When in reality is all the contrary, a painful and scarring surgery – both physically and emotionally.

Doctors justification to pain is that “babies don’t feel it like we do”. From testimonials, what it is said to be “babies sleeping through the procedure” it really is babies going into shock from the pain. There is a known case of a baby who cried so hard that caused a rupture of the stomach lining, which led to an emergency surgery. But no medical professional in America ever wants to admit to the unbearable pain these fragile babies have to endure.

They underestimate babies response to emotional trauma by stating “they won’t remember it”; when in fact recent studies are linking several emotional issues in circumcised boys following the procedure, such rejecting the mother’s breastfeeding.

IV.3 – Untold Risks

Circumcision has risks like any other surgery, except American doctors like to refer to them as “few and minor complications”. When in fact there can be major complications such bleeding and infection that force newborns to be re-hospitalized, leading to death in extreme cases.

There isn’t an official database of deaths from circumcision, but testimonials suggest about 100 cases a year. And there are also cases of malpractice, where penises are severed beyond repair – often referred as “botched” circumcisions; and which led to sex reassignment in a few known cases. On a side note, sex reassignment was practiced in America in the 60’s & 70’s on micropenis cases which wouldn’t respond to hormonal treatment (another disturbing chapter from medical history). But since these incidents are portrayed to be “rare” (meaning most are undisclosed), circumcision is perceived as “safe” to take such risks.

Click here for a disturbing testimony

My thoughts:

To think that fragile newborns will be exposed to a useless surgery within hours of birth while enduring pain and trauma afterwards, to later spend a week recovering in discomfort is beyond comprehension. But the fact that Americans don’t see circumcision from this perspective, shows how deep doctors have corrupted the minds of a nation, whose people can’t see past its “benefits”, with no regards for the long-term consequences, while dismissing the bonding that occurs at birth – all in the pursuit of “prevention”.

And I wonder when do deaths and malpractices from circumcision start to matter?; when they are a thousand?, a million?.