Ever Wonder What Happens To Baby Foreskins After Circumcision?

ATCC (American Type Culture Collection) currently offers dozens of foreskin-sourced products online ranging from $160 to $5,400

When parents have their newborn boys circumcised at American hospitals little do they know that the freshly amputated foreskins don’t go to biomedical waste, but they are preserved to be subsequently used in a range of applications from therapeutic research to cosmetic products. A single neonatal foreskin is believed to be worth a $100,000 in revenue.

For decades many companies concealed the use of foreskin tissue in their products, and claims were buried and deemed as nothing but anti-circuncision “conspiracy”. But as e-commerce and social media boomed, so did celebrity endorsements. In 2013 it came to light that Oprah Winfrey had been endorsing a high-end cosmetic line called SkinMedica, which openly used foreskin fibroblasts in their skin-regenerating serums (that sell for $150 an ounce).

So you may wonder, why aren’t parents being informed of what happens to circumcision remnants?. And the answer couldn’t be more obvious: they wouldn’t want parents to jeopardize the supply of foreskins they so willingly provide to an organized multi-billion dollar circumcision industry. The irony on all of this, is how entities such the AAP, CDC, and virtually the whole American healthcare system strategically favor neonatal circumcision for its “prophylactic benefits” while claiming that foreskin is rather “redundant” than essential, yet once amputated becomes profitable?.

Now, the real question is: if parents knew that they are actually harvesting baby foreskins during circumcisions (cause all of this can’t be incidental); would they oppose to it?, or would they stay blinded by the prospect of a “healthier” upbringing promised by a deceitful healthcare system?.

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