Tragedy From Circumcision

As much as it breaks my heart to share these kind of stories, it is important to understand that repercussions from circumcision are real; whether complications or emotional trauma. And there isn’t a better example of that with a recent tragedy that has come to light. Alex Hardy, an intelligent and popular 23-year old with no history of mental history, took his life because he couldn’t cope with the consequences from circumcision as an adult. He felt “mutilated” and was lied to about the options he had to treat his phimosis.

Alex was born in England but relocated to Canada for his studies at age 15. And Canada isn’t much different in terms of circumcision “recommendation” to America, it is the first line of treatment to any foreskin-related “complications”, when it should be the last resort.

He was 21 at the time of the procedure in 2015. Took his life 2 years later, and his mother finally came forward about her loss in 2019.

Click here for the article from the BBC

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